I came to this work by a circuitous path, first working as a counselor in a community health clinic and then as an editor before becoming a psychologist. My degrees are the signposts for this journey: a B.A. in Spanish, an M.A. in Latin American Studies, and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology — all from the University of Texas at Austin. But I’ve always been passionate about understanding people and making a difference in their lives. And I’m fascinated by the questions of how we become the people we are and what gets in the way of our growth.

In my practice I draw upon a broad range of professional experiences as a therapist, consultant, and supervisor. This includes a yearlong internship in clinical psychology at the VA Medical Center in Houston. I’ve also worked in university counseling centers, community and state agencies, and nursing homes. In addition, my doctoral research — an in-depth study of the complexities of dealing with emotions and feelings in the workplace — has offered me valuable insight into the dilemmas we often encounter at work.

As an advanced psychoanalytic candidate, I participate in ongoing, intensive training in psychotherapy. Engaging in my own therapy has also been key to maintaining my commitment to providing the best possible therapy for my clients.

Psychologist, Texas
Psychologist, New York