I work with adolescents and adults of all ages in individual, group, and couples therapy. With over 16 years' experience providing counseling and psychotherapy, I've effectively treated a wide range of concerns that include anxiety and depression; addiction; work and career issues; relationship problems; loneliness and social isolation; difficulties with anger; trauma recovery; and grief and loss.

Individual Psychotherapy
We start by exploring your concerns and goals for therapy, and from there we determine the focus and frequency of sessions that's best for you. Our work will offer you the invaluable opportunity of speaking freely, saying everything that comes to mind, and making new discoveries about problems that have long puzzled you. Through this unique mode of dialogue, you'll gain a nuanced yet practical understanding of your thoughts and feelings. You'll also learn how to make thoughtful choices and utilize your feelings effectively.

Couples Psychotherapy
We will endeavor to understand your relationship, including its strengths and its problematic patterns. We will also help you to more effectively communicate, to free yourselves of old resentments and enjoy more closeness and affection together.

Group Psychotherapy
Group therapy offers many rich opportunities for learning how to have healthy, satisfying relationships. It provides a laboratory for members to communicate their thoughts and feelings to each other in the moment, hone skills for addressing interpersonal conflicts, and benefit from the support of other group members.

New interpersonal process group now forming, open to both women and men, meeting on Mondays at 4:45 p.m.

I currently accept patients with Seton Health Plan insurance. I limit my participation in most insurance panels in order to offer patients a confidential therapeutic relationship, in which we can freely collaborate in making important decisions about your treatment. I'm happy to provide a statement that can be submitted to your insurance plan for reimbursement.